Health and Safety Measures

Your health, wellbeing and safety are of utmost importance to us during your stay at the Izvora Hotel. Given the on-going pandemic, we would like to assure you that our focus is on meeting the needs of our guests, while maintaining measures to protect you and our employees from Covid-19 and other viruses.

Our commitment to health and safety:

  • We inform guests about our health rules at check-in.
  • We train our employees daily about health measures;
  • We do not allow too many people to gather at the hotel reception desk, with guests waiting in a queue in the lobby at a safe distance from each other and checking in one by one.
  • We ask all guests and staff to avoid direct contact and stay at a safe distance from each other. Minimum safe distance must always be maintained at the reception desk and in other hotel areas.
  • All rooms and communal areas are cleaned and disinfected according to health regulations: Rooms are cleaned more thoroughly during our guests’ stay and even more so after they have left. Special attention is paid to areas with high contact points, such as keys, buttons, door handles, locks, furniture surfaces, TV remote controls, etc.
  • Virucidal disinfectants are available in all communal areas, such as the restaurant, lobby, children’s play area, entrances and public toilets.
  • Staff seat guests in the restaurant at tables distanced from each other, making sure not too many people are in the same area.
  • Tables in the restaurant are cleaned with disinfectant as soon as the table is no longer occupied and before a new guest uses it.
  • Surfaces are disinfected, including those of the buffet table and other auxiliary food and beverage containers and modules, as well as the drink dispensers and vending machines.
  • Health measures in the restaurant hall and kitchen, as well as the children’s play area, have been enhanced.
  • Guests with symptoms of illness are asked to stay in their rooms and call a doctor via the reception desk.

In addition, we take steps to ensure the wellbeing of our employees. This includes:

  • Our employees wash their hands regularly and use hand disinfectant.
  • Our employees wear protective equipment.
  • We regularly wipe and disinfect all workplaces.
  • If one of our employees or a member of their family is not feeling well, they must stay at home and only return to work when their condition is clearly established.

           Information about your hotel booking/cancellation

        If you have an existing booking, we will be happy to see you and want to assure you that we take all reasonable precautions to promote a safe environment. However, please contact the hotel in advance to ensure that your stay can take place as planned.

Given the current circumstances, we expect to receive cancellation requests. Please note the following:

  • If the hotel or destination area is under lockdown or generally inaccessible due to other force majeure, you may cancel your booking free of charge, regardless of the booking price. It is important to have this confirmed by the authorities.
  • If you wish to cancel your booking free of charge when the hotel is not in an area under official lockdown, but have not booked at a rate that can be cancelled free of charge, this means you do not have the exclusive right to cancel free of charge or, if you have already paid, to a refund.

Of course, it is important to us to resolve such situations with a mutual agreement with you. If you want to postpone or cancel your booking, please contact the hotel directly to find an individual solution to your booking issue.

As the circumstances are also extremely challenging for the entire hotel industry, we would like your understanding in good faith.

We encourage guests who have booked through online platforms, travel agencies or other providers to contact them for further assistance.

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